Booster Club

The RHS XC Booster Club is a parent organization that works with the coaches to help support a healthy and fun XC experience for our kids.

The Redmond High Cross Country Boosters is now a registered 501 (c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization.   This means that donations made to the Redmond High Cross Country Boosters are considered tax deductible by the IRS.  (Disclaimer:  On an individual level, you should always consult with your tax professional regarding your own unique circumstances.)

Did you also know that more than 16,000 employers match gifts to registered non-profit organizations, such as the Redmond High Cross Country Booster Club?  Please check if your employer may offer matching programs.  For example, if you made a donation on August 26th for the Hartman 5K event, you can submit that donation for matching through your company.  If you or your employer has questions regarding our booster club status have them reach out to our treasurer, Craig Ashley, at 
For Microsoft employees, the Redmond High Cross Country Boosters is now recognized by the Microsoft Employee Gifting Program.  We show up as Redmond High CC Boosters.  You can submit donations, requests for donation matching, and volunteer hours through the Microsoft site.

President:  Manages meeting agenda and booster club volunteer members.

Treasurer: Maintains the bank account for the club.
Duties: process contributions from parents or club partners along with collecting the funds raised for Sun Lakes and the Hartman Run. Most of the relatively small time investment is spent in processing expenses – a total of about 20-30 per season total which are reimbursements for purchases made on behalf of the Club – food items for Pasta Feeds and race events, gift certificates for coaches, and items to support the Club’s activities. Occasional trips to First Citizens Bank in Bellevue to make deposits are required.

Webmaster - maintains the Redmond XC website/blogspot
Duties: Maintain website as needed. During off season - as needed with event or training information. During season - several times a week with coach email, meet reminder/directions, post meet results. Maintain links with photos and training documents to share on the site. Uses Google Blogspot.

Hartman 5K Community Fun Run race coordinator: Make preparations for a successful event.
Duties: Work with coaches to understand race requirements, get the word out, manage registration process, coordinate with volunteers

3-4 At-large members: Oversee and recruit volunteers to fill the following roles:

SignUpGenius: Coordinate volunteers via SignUpGenius web application.
Duties: Create and monitor SignUpGenius site that lists volunteer positions by date for the 2017 season.

Race day photographers: 1-2 photographers to take pictures of athletes running the race course. The pictures are posted to the RHS XC blog and used in the end-of-the year banquet slide show.

Race Day Marshall:
Duties: Directs home meet course marshals on position locations and responsibilities.

Pasta feeds volunteers: 3-4 volunteers per pasta feed for about 4 pasta feeds per season.
Duties: Order, pick up, and deliver pasta; set up food before, and help clean up after, each pasta feed.

Senior recognition:
Duties: Purchase flowers (yellow roses with greens or baby's breath) at grocery store and wrap in green and gold; procure donated gift cards and place in envelopes decorated green or gold to separate boys and girls.
Gift card examples:
·        Emerald City Smoothie - $5 gift certificate
·        Jersey Mikes  Subs - free sub
·        Super Jock N Jill - $10 gift certificate
·        Tips N Toes (for the girls) $5 gift certificate

End-of-year banquet:  Help set up or clean up cafeteria. Set up usually starts at around 5:15, clean up usually ends around 9.